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Pinterest – Popular Topics for 2020
Pinterest 100 is an annual report back to help Pinterest users – both personal and business accounts – understand what’s trending on the social media channel. Popular Pinterest searches include popular categories like food, home, fashion, beauty, health, travel, and family. This year, the Pinterest 100 report is organized into ten themes.

Last year’s Pinterest 100 included typical categories that we’ve come to accompany Pinterest – home décor, fashion, food, fitness, and health. initially glance, a business owner using Pinterest to drive traffic or sales might wonder why the large change over last year’s report. This successively leaves them wondering the way to market their product or brand using this new information. Creating engaging Pinterest Pins that get attention in users’ home feeds is critical to gaining traction, engaging followers, and driving traffic to an internet site or app.

If you’re taking a fast check out the newest Pinterest 100 report you would possibly think that popular Pinterest categories have changed quite a bit. However, this top 100 list isn’t really an inventory of the favored categories on Pinterest but rather select trending search words and phrases grouped by theme. The Pinterest 100 list is organized and grouped to appeal to Gen Z users. However, the highest categories really have remained much an equivalent as last year and every one prior year.

If you drill down into the highest 100 Pinterest trends for 2020, you’ll see that Pinterest users are most curious about equivalent topics as previous years. Fashion, home décor, health, fitness, food, and travel are all still popular topics. The organization by themes helps highlight some top search categories and shows that some new sub search phrases are trending.

A business that uses Pinterest for organic traffic or pays for Promoted Pins can use this report back to guide and improve their marketing strategy. Someone who is advertising on Pinterest with Promoted Pins or writing text description below a Pinterest Pin can use this information to assist their Pin to get discovered.

If you’re conversant in program optimization (SEO) you recognize how important choosing the proper keywords is for fulfillment. Using longer strings of words (referred to as long-tailed keywords) may be a strategy to stay the value of advertising down. Long-tail keywords may mean fewer clicks, but a strategical list also can mean lower advertising costs to targeted shoppers.

Pinterest Ideas

Use the Pinterest 100 list to develop long-tail keywords to use in your Promoted Pins and Google Ads to assist your brand get found online. for instance, you wouldn’t want to run a billboard and use the word “weddings” as a keyword. it might cost a fortune and therefore the intention of the viewer isn’t clear. Someone checking out a single-word search term like “weddings” doesn’t mean the person is shopping. a client who is looking to spend money on a marriage-related purchase could be checking out “what to wear to a marriage ” or “where to shop for a wedding dress.” However, a client who is checking out “where to shop for inexpensive second-hand wedding dresses” features a much higher shopping intention. This length search phrase is nearly always cheaper to bid on than one or two-word phrases. this is often the type of data that the Pinterest 100 can assist you to use in your SEM strategy.

Pinterest Popular Themes 2020

  • Finding balance
  • Conscious consumption
  • Home hub
  • Internationally inspired
  • Pampered pets
  • Responsible travel
  • Rewilding
  • Space everything
  • 90s rerun
  • Beyond Binary

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest may be a highly visual social marketing channel employed by 320 million people everywhere on the planet. Some people describe Pinterest as a visible scrapbook while others would describe it as a visible program. Pinterest users save posts, called Pins, to their accounts and organize them within the categories referred to as boards. Pinterest users are known to be shoppers and an affluent segment of social media shoppers.
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Is Pinterest still popular in 2020?

According to Statista, almost 80% of Pinterest users are female, as of 2019. Still the foremost gender imbalanced major social media channel, male Pinterest users have accounted for grown 20% of the demographics up from 14 percent.

What does Pinterest trending mean?

Pinterest trending is that the customized home feed that users see once they sign into their accounts. User feeds are composed of a mixture of accounts the user follows, but the bulk of Pins are from accounts they are doing not follow. This helps Pinterest users discover new products. The curated Pinterest trending feed is predicated on past user behavior on and off Pinterest.

Pinterest – Five hottest Pinterest Categories, consistent with Statista.

  • Art, Art Supplies, Hobbies (48%)
  • Flowers, Food, Drinks, Gifts (47%)
  • Home, Garden, Pool/Spa (45%)
  • Health and wonder (45%)
  • Clothing and Apparel (37%)

Last year’s Pinterest 100 list was more typical of the categories that Pinterest users are checking out and saving to boards. The trends in 2019 included travel, health, wellness, fashion, and residential decor. Logically, these are the favored categories businesses that are advertising on Pinterest are familiar with working with. But almost any brand can make it fit into those categories with a touch little bit of creativity.

One of my favorite retailers on Pinterest is Lowe’s which sells hardware, plants, construction supplies, garden needs, barbecues, appliances, and other equipment. Lowes has done a superb job of creating their products fit into Pinterest trending topics. They don’t sell food but observe the use of the food category by showing how their grills, lighting, and patio furniture can help Pinterest users plan the right outdoor celebration.

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