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Pinterest Images – How to Improve Pinterest Business? – Part 6

Welcome back. This post and video number four of eight during a series on the way to optimize and audit your Pinterest business strategy. during this post, I’ll show you ways to urge found out for the simplest Pinterest Pin images.

At least half of the people that see your Pinterest Pins aren’t your followers. The Pinterest algorithm mixes in your Pins and shows them to people that could also be curious about your products supported their interactions with other Pins. this is often a chance to grow your following and sell to a replacement audience. to face call at the crowded newsfeed, you’ll get to use the simplest images for your Pins and optimize their descriptions. The optimized Pins and their images or videos are strategically saved to the boards we planned in video two in their series. once you plan and optimize your boards and accounts, you’ll grow your following and sell using Pinterest.

Have you ever wondered what’s the optimum size or best image size for your Pinterest pins? There are two vital things to recollect when working with Pinterest Pin images. to urge the simplest Pinterest Pin, you’ll get to use a vertically oriented image. See my YouTube video for example. subsequent is, to recollect that your Pin image is going to be resized automatically by Pinterest for various views – newsfeed, your business account home page, pack up view, board cover image, etc. Your image has got to look good altogether of these sizes. Read on to seek out out which work best.

Color Saturation

Pins with colorful backgrounds get more engagement. the simplest Pins use images with color-saturated backgrounds. Don’t use images with white or really light-colored backgrounds. If you’re taking a glance at your Pinterest Newsfeed you see that pins with dark-colored backgrounds stand out more. That’s why they get more engagement.

Vertical Pins
Vertical Pins take up more vertical land on a Pinterest newsfeed. due to this, they get more engagement. to urge more engagement for your Pins, the pictures you employ should be tall instead of wide. Use a 2 to three ratio when cropping all images that you simply plan on using as a Pin. If you would likeyou’ll also use a 9 to 16 ratio. For my images, I always use two to 3 – 800 pixels by 1200 pixels.- for the simplest Pinterest image size.

Both of those sizes work well and can make sure that nothing stops in several views – for mobile and desktop Pinners. you’ll see that what each size seems like in my video that goes alongside this blog post.

If you don’t use these recommended aspect ratios, you’ll find yourself with information in your Pin that gets stop because it doesn’t resize well.

Video Pins

Video Pins are a replacement feature as of last year. Although users can save video Pins from fifteen seconds up to fifteen minutes. But fifteen is much too long unless it’s a DIY tutorial or recipe Pin. If you’re getting to use a video Pin, get your messaging within the primary minute.

Aspect ratio maters for video Pins too. For all Pinterest video Pins, the Pin thumbnails must be an equivalent ratio because of the video file. For a vertical Pin, you’ll need a vertical video. Keep that in mind when recording your video.


The text in your title and therefore the overlay on your Pin image are two opportunities to urge messaging to your followers. Don’t miss out on either one among those opportunities. I’ll cover video Pins in video number seven.

Get Noticed within the Pinterest Newsfeed
When cropping your Pin images and creating messaging, remember that a minimum of half people that see your Pinterest Pins aren’t your followers. meaning they’re new your product or brand and should haven’t heard of you. this is often your chance to catch their interest. to urge more engagement, more saves, and more followers always use vertical Images with colorful backgrounds for your Pins.

Stay tuned for a blog post and video number five. I’ll mention the way to optimize text and hashtags for an inquiry engine optimization on Pinterest and Google!

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