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How to delete Pinterest Board in 2021?

Pinterest may be a visual social media channel with over 150 million users. Pinterest users are valuable followers with proven buying intentions. Pinners do quite save Pins for entertainment. They organize ideas for later purchases. Pinterest Pinners use the social channel, sometimes called a web scrapbooking site, to plan. Popular topics include home decor, food, fashion, and travel. But there are many other popular categories also. Your business or brand doesn’t need to be a particular fit in these top categories. With touch creativity, you’ll make your business account tailored to appeal to Pinterest users.

Home Depot and Lowes Hardware do a superb job of working themselves into all Pinterest topics. I bet Lowes isn’t one among the highest brands you think that of when it involves food, right? in fact not. The hardware retailer is creative when it involves social media marketing though and has one among the foremost popular business accounts on Pinterest. Obviously, they don’t sell any food besides the prepackaged snacks at the checkout

they create themselves fit into Pinterest by selling the lifestyle around your meals. Lowes fits into the food category on Pinterest by showing followers the kitchens of their dreams, ultimate backyard patios on which to possess a summer barbeque, and living rooms to host parties in. they’re excellent at making themselves fit well into all social media channels.

?Why Delete Boards on Pinterest?

Pinterest boards are often deleted as can Pins. In fact, your entire Pinterest account is often hidden temporarily or deleted. this is often easy to accomplish with just a couple of clicks within the settings menu.

If you’ve got a business account, it takes a couple of more steps to delete a whole account. That was covered during a previous blog post and video.

If you’ve got a private account, then you would like to delete a couple of Pinterest boards that simply don’t appeal to your tastes anymore. Maybe you were saving Pins on board for a future home remodeling project or perhaps you were planning a marriage. Once those events are over, you’ll declutter your Pinterest by deleting boards.

Deleting Pinterest boards may be a way of getting obviate old content that doesn’t apply to your business anymore. If you’re not selling a specific product, and every one variation was saved to at least one board, then you’ll easily get obviate old products by deleting the board. However, consider alternatives. 

you would possibly want to think about hiding the board just in case the merchandise comes back available or a la mode. Possibly your business chose to prevent selling the merchandise but find that consumer demand is enough to form your reconsider. once you delete a Pinterest board,

the pins are gone forever. there’s no recovering them unless they were saved to other boards also.

Pinterest can drive quality consumers to your website or app. If you’re not carrying a product anymore, but the board has followers and viewers, then consider rerouting that traffic to alternative choices. Perhaps there’s an identical product that might be an honest substitute for the products on the soon-to-be-deleted board. 

instead of deleting the Pinterest board, you’ll edit the text descriptions and links. Shoppers would then be then sent to an alternate shopping choice.

Other alternatives to deleting a board include merging it with another Pinterest board as a neighborhood. However, you’ll lose the Pinners who follow the board.

How to Delete Pinterest Boards -Pinterest Mobile App
Open the Pinterest Mobile App and log in
Tap your Profile icon within the lower right corner of the screen
Underneath your cover image tap Boards
Tap the duvet image of the board you would like to delete
Tap the pencil icon at the highest of the screen
Scroll right down to rock bottom of the menu
Select delete
Note: Once you delete a Pinterest board, you can’t undo this. All Pins are deleted forever.

How to Delete Pinterest Boards?

Desktop Pinterest Website

Go to and log in
Select your Profile icon within the upper right corner of the screen
Underneath your cover image, tap Boards
Select the duvet image of the board you would like to delete
Tap the pencil icon at the highest of the screen
Alternatively, just hover over the board and choose the pencil icon underneath the duvet image
Select delete within the bottom corner of the screen
Pinterest IPO
Recently, Pinterest became a publicly-traded company.

Their Initial Public Offering (IPO) occurred in mid-April 2019. the recognition of the lesser-known, yet still major social channel again raised speculation about Google buying Pinterest. Pinterest is a superb addition to an inquiry engine optimization (SEO) campaign.

Pinterest boards show up in Google search results pages (SERPS). If you’ve got a keyword or keyword phrase that’s difficult (i.e. expensive) to realize, then a Pinterest SEO campaign may help your marketing strategy.

Pinterest boards are often optimized with well-chosen images, descriptions, and board games. Always keep SEO in mind when saving Pins on Pinterest

If you’re deleting boards on Pinterest, you’ll want to reconsider. within the past, I’ve talked and produced videos about Pinterest business accounts, changing back to a private Pinterest account, and even the way to hide or delete your entire account. There are differing theories on whether you ought to delete old content on blogs and social media accounts.

I’m within the camp that you simply should add more content. If you would like to scale back server space and have blog pages that are never seeing any traffic, then by all means delete them. I just executed an enormous website migration for a client’s eCommerce shop.

We did plan to delete some old materials on the location because it had been expensive to format the content to the new site. Stats showed that some pages only received about ten hits per month. With some SEO optimization, maybe that would have improved, but the content was out of date anyhow.

How to Improve Pinterest Business? Pin optimization – Part 3

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