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10 minute Pinterest simple strategy that work’s

If like me, you’ve hung out researching the simplest thanks to using Pinterest to grow your business, then little question you’ve seen multiple blog posts like “how to schedule a month’s worth of content in an hour and explode your blog!”. Well, I’ve read those posts and that I call bullshit. Scheduling that much content takes closer to 4-5 hours. Plus I’ve tried all types of strategies that were alleged to ‘explode’ my views and no dice. So I found how to harness the facility of Pinterest as a marketing platform for my online business without letting it become an enormous burden and time suck. and therefore the results represent themselves. I get 2.2 million monthly Pinterest viewers using this easy Pinterest strategy! 🙂

I’m at some extent in my business where I’m pretty uninterested in all the click-bait articles that promise me explosive sales and pageviews. I’ve clicked them and they’ve let me down. (Never mind the very fact that the majority ‘how-to’ posts don’t ever tell you ‘how-to’ do anything. So annoying.)

Turns out there’s no formula for creating your business a hit. You’ve needed to march to the beat of your own drum so to talk. Your business, your rules.

So that’s what I’ve through with my Pinterest strategy. I’ve made it my very own and this strategy has been working rather well on my behalf me.

Here are some stats:

Monthly Pinterest viewers: 2.2 million (Update June 2020: 3.3 million)
Monthly Pinterest engaged viewers: 75K (June 2020: 121K)
(these numbers fluctuate a touch but if they are going down they always come up a few months later)
I get a mean of 10-12 new Pinterest followers each day. Some days I buy on the brink of 30!
Blog monthly pageviews from Pinterest: 25K (June 2020: 29K)
Pinterest accounts for about 30% of my Etsy shop views.

My sincere hope and belief are that this easy Pinterest strategy can work for you too.

But I’m not getting to sit here and promise you explosive results. That’s crap and that I won’t roll in the hay. All I can do is share the strategies that employment on behalf of me.

Above are my personal stats, but Tailwind (the Pinterest scheduler I exploit, but which isn’t a requirement for this strategy to work) also publishes the standard Results of Tailwind for Pinterest Members per annum, so you’ll see exactly what the typical rate of growth seems like for his or her members.

What I do ask, is that if you give my strategy a try, try it for a minimum of 60 days. that ought to definitely be enough time to ascertain if it’s working for you. you ought to see your followers start to grow daily and your views go up dramatically.

You’ll know it’s working for you when the method doesn’t desire an enormous chore but you’re still getting great results.

This strategy is so simple. it’d be simple enough that many people are already doing it! But on the off chance that you’re still checking out a Pinterest strategy to assist grow your business that won’t take up all of your waking hours, this is often it!

wont to attempt to sit down once every week and schedule all the subsequent week’s pins. I pin about 40 pins per day. So scheduling all of these was taking me to overflow an hour.

Now I’m a busy mom. I’m juggling tons of stuff on a day to day and finding 60-90 minutes to figure on one task is almost impossible. Someone always needs a snack or help with their lego, dinner must get made and appointments need to. Scheduling pins just never made it very high on my priority list.

So what ended up happening was that an entire week would pass and that i never got an opportunity to pin a thing. And an inconsistent Pinterest strategy is nearly worse than no strategy at all!

I discovered that what I CAN plan to is 10 minutes each day to schedule that very same day’s pins. I typically roll in the hay while I’m eating breakfast. due to mom’s life = multi-tasking.

I schedule all my pins using Tailwind. (But don’t stop reading if you don’t use Tailwind, my strategy works with manual pinning too!)

Tailwind suits my needs because I pin to tons of group boards. (around 70 I think) Tailwind helps me confirm I’m making the simplest use of these group boards and keeps track of when I’ve pinned to them. Mainly so I don’t find yourself accidentally spamming boards with my pins or breaking group board rules.

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I like that I can space out my pins and schedule them to multiple boards in only a couple of clicks. Tailwind also schedules pins at optimal times of day on behalf of me, so I don’t need to be awake at 2 am so as to maximize the waking hours of pinners in California.

So let’s get thereto.

10 Minute Pinterest Strategy

The first step on my behalf is scheduling my very own pins. Those are pins from my very own blog posts or of my shop products.

(I wrote an in-depth tutorial on the simplest thanks to creating pins for Etsy listings, which you’ll read here.
I also wrote a whole e-book on the way to Rock Your Product Photography Using Only a Smartphone.)

I schedule any current blog posts, new product pins, or older content that hasn’t been re-pinned for a short time. I schedule all my pins to my very own relevant boards and everyone relevant group boards. which will account for about 8-10 pins per day.

Next, I want to seek out another 28-30 ish pins to fill within the remainder of my day’s schedule.

do this by clicking on the ‘following’ tab within the top menu bar. Scroll down, allowing all the pins to load until you reach the red button that says ‘find more people to follow’.

You need to scroll all the way down so as to load all the pins. this is often a necessary step if you’re using Tailwind. Otherwise, once you click the blue flame Tailwind button only a couple of pins will appear for scheduling.

Then I simply work my way through the feed and choose the absolute best pins which will appeal to my audience. I schedule all those pins to my very own boards. (I only add my very own content to group boards, not other people’s content.)

I’ve found that I can usually pull 30-35 great pins from my ‘following’ feed.

With any luck, I’ll find yourself over-pinning by 5 or 6 pins which can help fill within the next day’s schedule. If I do this a day i’d get the weekend days filled up too so I don’t need to even believe Pinterest over the weekend, another perk of using Tailwind! (I’m trying to seek out a far better work/life/mom balance. If that’s even possible. Whomp whomp.)

How to Adapt to a Manual Pinning Process?

Your ‘following’ feed may be an excellent spot to seek out relevant pins whether you employ a scheduler or not. Since Pinterest unrolled the simplified pinning button, it takes much less time to re-pin things.

You can simply scroll through your feed, pinning as you go. If you’re employed through the entire feed you ought to get an honest 30-35 pins, which may be a great daily amount to ascertain some growth in your Pinterest account.

The downside to a manual pinning strategy is that you simply can’t cash in of optimal pinning times throughout the day. You’ll be pinning all day’s pins at just one occasion.

And you’ll need to come up with another method of keeping track of the pins you send to group boards, which may be a true hassle.

Pinning manually might add an additional jiffy to the method, but not too many. Time is money and everyone that. Either you save time by pocket money (on a scheduling tool) otherwise you economize by spending time (pinning manually). It’s up to you ways to use your limited resources!

Why This Pinterest Strategy Works?

As long as you’re following an honest sort of people, your ‘following’ feed will contain a solid sort of pins. this suggests you’ll schedule pins to a variety of various boards all from one page. No more checking out “DIY nursery decor”, finding a couple of pins, checking out “dairy-free desserts”, finding a couple of pins, etc.

I don’t need to bother shuffling my Tailwind queue or waste time ensuring hunt a good sort of pins. The ‘following’ feed is naturally a randomized list of diverse pins. Win!

How to Curate Your Following Feed?
For the primary week, you employ this Pinterest strategy, you’ll get to curate your ‘following’ feed in order that you’re seeing only the simplest and re-pinnable content. I don’t have time to sift through useless pins and neither does one 

So for the primary week, you’ll need to add an additional 5 mins to the method.

Scroll through your ‘following’ feed and observe the pins that you simply would never re-pin. Either the content doesn’t fit your audience or the pins are visually unappealing. If there’s quite one pin of this nature from one pinner, click through to their profile and unfollow them. Unfollow 3-5 pinners each day.

Next, click on the +person button at the highest of the ‘following’ feed or on the red ‘find more people to follow’ button at rock bottomthis may take you to a page of suggested pinners tailored to your interests. Find 3-5 new people to follow who produce high-quality pins that will appeal to your audience.

After a few weeks, you’ll have a well-curated feed of high-quality content to re-pin from.

Wow, I had tons more to mention on this subject than i assumed I did! Haha! Props to you if you made all the thanks to the top of this epic post!

Drop ANY questions you’ve got within the comments, I’m happy to help!

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